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What is Pink Link Ladies?
Pink Link Ladies is a business networking group that meets monthly for two hours from 9.30am. Connections are made over coffee, presentations are given and various aspects of business skills are discussed and advice shared.

Who should join?
If you are running your own business and want to connect with other ladies in business to grow your network, gain knowledge, friends and referrals then you will find these meetings can provide this in a relaxed, informal and welcoming way. If you are thinking of starting a business you will find it a valuable way of gaining advice to help you.

What type of membership is available?
Ladies who have a specific specialist business area can join as a peer. They give presentations to the group, offer advice and submit blogs within our online site. Members join to gain their advice and to feel supported and make new connections.

What can I do now?
If you would like to attend a meeting then you can come along as a visitor, just contact the Pink Link Ladies for further information on the group and also future groups. You can join the online community for free now, just go to the website address below and register.
Coral Horn email: - call 07870 394970
Rae Stephenson email: - call 07985 629293
If you feel Video Email could work for you and your business
Call Me - Alan Howarth - on 07947 67 31 67 - Let's talk