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Direct mail DVDs or Direct Mail Print or Video Email

Direct mail DVDs have more power then print - over 90% are actually watched - how much of your print takes the 'hand to waste-bin route'?

Direct mail DVDs have more reach than print - over 90% are passed to a second viewer - print passed on? - you're joking!

Direct mail DVDs have more impact than print - DVD has a full range of motivations - sound, movement and emotion.

Direct mail DVDs encourage joint viewing - encourages shared, positive comments and commitment.

Print is instantly accessible - so is the DVD's packaging, and it entices you to watch the DVD

Think carefully about the editorial and shooting style of your video - relate the style to the product you're selling.

When clients begin watching they want information about your product, not a graphics assault.

Corporate Video doesn't need fanfares, bells and whistles - this individual displays truth, honesty and integrity in this testimonial, part of a documentary style direct mail dvd - it also works well on a website.

Direct mail DVD: tell the whole story

DVDs give you time to tell the whole story - one minute or one hour, duplication is the same price - a lower key documentary style DVD has more selling power than the short sharp advertisement style DVD.

Direct mail DVDs are great for:

Showing great testimonials and endorsements.
Showing your product in use, letting prospective clients see and hear all that it does.
Showing complicated products that need a demonstration to cover all their benefits.
Showing high cost prestige items.
Group demonstrations, when getting everyone in one place at one time is impossible! International companies.
Demonstrating a service or specialist manufacturing process or machine.
For large products, a DVD lets you bring it right into the prospect's home, or office, at their convenience.

Direct mail DVD planning

Direct mail DVD needs to be targeted, you must decide exactly what you want from your campaign.
Do you want to 'sell off screen' or to get to a 'face to face' meeting?
Are you selling a product or something less tangible?

Arrange a consultation with a me if you're seriously considering a direct mail DVD campaign. To achieve maximum impact your direct mail DVD should be a joint project; you know your product and your market, I know my product and its capabilities. Let's talk.

Direct mail DVD v's Direct print

Ok, so there are times when print is the best option, but these times are getting fewer by the day.
Direct mail DVD is the only choice in some situations - it's international and can contain several languages versions on the same disc.
It's TV, the world's favourite media.
You can put it on your website too!

Direct Mail DVD - It makes solid commercial sense!

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Alan Howarth: Corporate Video Direct Mail DVD Producer based near Blackpool, Preston & Lancaster, Lancashire in the North West of the UK, I frequently work in Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham and I spend 50% of my time working in London. within the M25, I travel throughout the UK and often work in mainland Europe, with work published throughout the world. As a corporate photographer my portrait images will enhance your marketing and your business, my video production skills can enhance your video email marketing campaigns. Email me know. I'll go anywhere - except war zones.

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